"Speaking of evolution, there's a sign in the old Monte Carlo restaurant advertising the coming of The Thirsty Fox Pub.

As far as I know there is no, nor has there ever been, a pub in the area, so it's pretty thrilling to see a new idea taking shape in the 'hood. John Almeida, who will be opening the place with business partners and longtime pals Tony Viveiros and Hamid Shalabi, tells me they hope to be open by mid-August, September for sure. When we spoke in late July they were in the heat of renovations. The trio, who John says have been friends forever, has worked in the pub and resto biz for years, sometimes together, sometimes not. But they've always been thirsty to open their own place together.

Finding the location along Eglinton was pure destiny, according to John. As the story goes, he and his wife were driving to a wedding and were stopped for having an outdated sticker The exact spot where they pulled over was in front of the empty space they are now renovating.

John says the place will be family-friendly and hopes it will become a real neighbourhood pub where customers become friends. With over 10 beers on tap, all I can say is I'll drink to that."